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Adina Azarian, Founder & President

Adina began her Real Estate career when she was 21 when she opened the newspaper and read, “Help Wanted . . . No Experience Necessary.” The very same day, Adina interviewed with a top Manhattan broker who recognized her potential and hired Adina on the spot. Armed with a Real Estate Agent’s license, and little else, Adina set off to learn the Real Estate business. She was a natural success and before she knew it, she too was a top producer. When she was 27, feeling that she wanted to go off on her own, Adina head out to start her own company - she set up a phone and a fax machine in her small New York City one bedroom apartment, and Adina Equities was born.

Today Adina runs a thriving Real Estate company that specializes in a particular niche of representing exclusive listings. She has a lovely retail office on prestigious Irving Place that notably was a gift to her from a Landlord who praises her work. Currently Adina Equities is the exclusive broker for 70 Rental apartment buildings and growing every day. This is and of itself is an outstanding achievement. She is the only female broker in Manhattan with this specialty and the youngest, male or female. Adina’s exclusive buildings are well spread out in every Manhattan neighborhood. Her niche as a listing specialist began with just one single exclusive agreement, on one apartment. In her diverse exclusive listing portfolio are all types of rentals, individually owned units in Coop’s and Condominiums and some of New York City’s most desirable retail space for rent. When time permits, Adina will represent an exclusive apartment for sale in a Coop or Condo but only when it is a direct referral to her.

Adina Equities is built on the acclaim of clients, property managers, and Landlords. The business model of Adina Equities is unique. All of our business comes from our exclusive listings or from referrals. Adina’s likes to keep her team “small and strong” as she calls it, so that she can still oversee every transaction and so that the atmosphere is family like.

Adina loves what she does and she is no stranger to hard work and the commitment it has taken to make it all happen. As she often says “My name is on the door.” To her, that means a solid commitment to her business being handled just a certain way. She is dedicated and it shows. That’s why she is always so highly recommended and her clients stay committed. Her natural flair, hard work, and personal generosity have made Adina Equities a stunning success.

Adina is very often quoted in the all Real Estate Industry press as an expert in her field. Adina was Chapter 2 in Donald Trump’s Real Estate Book “The Best Real Advice I ever received”. She was one of only ten females in the book, and the only broker invited to include a chapter who specializes in Residential Rentals. Adina appeared on NY Residential TV and taped a web cast for The Real Deal Magazine speaking as an expert about today’s Rental Market. Stay connected to her blog” for all her media coverage updates. She is also currently writing a book about how she began her Real Estate career to be used as a resource for other entrepreneurs looking for inspiration. She believes “Yes, you can!”

When Adina is not hard at work, she spends time in her East Hampton home with her dog Luna, who also comes to work with her every day. She takes care of mind, body and spirit, with a personal trainer to make sure she sticks to her work out schedule. That’s “her” time. She enjoys fitness; wine, friendships, and anything that makes her entrepreneurial spirit come alive. Adina volunteers her time and philanthropic spirit to an organization called Tuesday’s Children which provides support and programs to children who lost parents on September 11th and other victims of terrorism from around the world. For an upcoming program, this 2009, she will be honored with the title of spokes person for the September 11th spokesperson for the September 11th memoriam initiative for the Real Estate industry.

Adina is a member of the Real Estate Board of NY.

When The Time is Right

Simply the best listing services

Adina Equities specializes in providing boutique quality listing services to Landlord’s and property management companies.

We handle apartments of all shapes and sizes, in every price range and in every Manhattan neighborhood. In our portfolio you will find rent-stabilized apartments, free market rentals, sponsor units, furnished sublets, co-op sublets and condominium apartments. Adina began her niche as a listing broker specialist in 2001 when she rented her first exclusive listing. Her portfolio grew upon the recommendations of satisfied landlords and today exceeds over 50 exclusive rental buildings and a diverse portfolio of privately owned units all over Manhattan. Adina Equities represents properties for sale-both Coops and Condos- and proudly represents some of the cities most desirable retail space. If you are a New Yorker, chances are you have walked by an “Adina” sign on one of her exclusive properties in any one of Manhattan’s neighborhoods.

How does she do it?

She has a team she trusts. Adina employs a full staff of agents and assistants, who work 7 days a week in order to show and market our exclusive listings to clients. Our main objective is to accommodate all our requests for showings, even on very short notice. Each team member is personally trained by Adina and specifically assigned to each landlord or exclusive building so that they become a specialist in the requirements, features of the property, and are able to make great matches between potential tenants and our listings. We have an amazing proven track record, are extremely ethical, hard working, and our reputation speaks for itself.

What is our reputation?

Adina Equities listings are known in our industry of being among the best listings in the business. Fellow brokers and agents like to show our listings and work with our friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating staff. We are known for having great exclusives and for being fair, honest and reliable to work with. Therefore having the “Adina” name attached to your apartment, automatically gives the listing a competitive edge. In a competitive market like Manhattan, having a team like ours marketing your property can make all the difference.

What’s our secret?

We treat each listing as if it was our own property. Meaning, we take extra steps that are meaningful to property owners. We care about how it is being handled and know how important it is to you for it to be rented or sold quickly. It is not uncommon for us to professionally clean and decorate our listings. Even fresh flowers in the living room or a thoughtful placement of a lamp can go a long way during a showing. We are accountable for what goes on with your property while it is on the market. We never give out keys. It is company policy for an Adina Equities team member to be present at a showing 100% of the time. We never engage in shady business practices of any kind. We use fun and creative concepts, such as red wine open houses to attract potential tenants. Especially during off seasons- our creativity makes all the difference.

What’s the real secret?

We have power in our contacts. Well known in the industry is our “Adina Update” - Adina has established a very strong database of contacts over the years of clients, agents and brokers. Once we put a listing on the market, our phone starts ringing immediately. We advertise on our own and offer all of our exclusive listings for co broke. With a click of the mouse, we reach thousands of agents, brokers and clients regarding your property. Our method insures exposure and guarantees foot traffic, which is the key to securing the highest possible price for your property, in the shortest possible time. Adina believes it is the responsibility of an exclusive broker to professionally list the apartment and make sure it is in the database of every Real Estate Broker in Manhattan. We are constantly updating our list to make sure that everyone possible is included on our list. We do not deny access to any licensed agency to receive our listings and we work 7 days a week to accommodate the 100’s of requests for appointments we get every day to view our properties.

What next?

Call Adina today 212-580-1480. Make an appointment for a personal Adina Signature consultation specific to your property.

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Adina's Vision

We love what we do


Adina Equities specializes in personalized exclusive listing and client services.

We market properties of all sizes, locations and styles exclusively for landlords and property management companies.

Our company provides outstanding customer service, effective and clear communication, and is focused on achieving outstanding results for our clients each and every time we work with you.

Our services are highly recommended by satisfied clients and building owners.

One of our most recognized achievements is that 100% of our business comes from our exclusive listings and from representing clients personally referred to us.

We provide the type of service that our clients can’t wait to recommend to others.

A leading part of our company’s philosophy, is to never engage in false advertising or misleading clients in any way. We don’t have to. Nor do we want to.

By working with us, you will find a real estate company that has an incredible proven track record and an outstanding commitment to providing uniquely personal and professional service. Our mission is to continue to grow from client referrals until everyone has heard about Adina Equities and everyone has been given the chance to live where you love!